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The array stores an entry for each form object (form tag) in a document. for(i=0;i<document.forms.length;i++); {; document.write("The name of form object is

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javascript:alert(document.forms.length) javascript:alert(document.forms[0].name) javascript:alert(document The length property contains the number of Form objects that are in the forms[] array. <html> <form name="Form1"> <input type="button" value="Green" onClick Jul 20, 2005 - I want to have a generic code which I can fit to every document. The problem is that it never got into for(f = 0; f < document.forms.length ; f++) {

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Example. Return the number of elements in a form: var x = document.getElementById("myForm").length;. The result of x will be: 3. Try it yourself » Find out how many <form> elements there are in the document: var x = document.forms.length;. The result of x will be: 1. Try it yourself ». More "Try it Yourself" Aug 25, 2001 - window.document.forms.length (e3/N2). forms ? <form>~</form> ????????????????????length ??????????? Aug 12, 2011 - The function you have there doesn't return anything (i.e. when you run it, it "returns" undefined ). Try this instead: function() { return heres how to find hidden passwords from websites here are the codes javascript:alert(document.forms.length Feb 21, 2015 - HTMLCollection.length Read only: Returns the number of items in the var elem1, elem2; // document.forms is an HTMLCollection elem1

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