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If statement question mark
If statement question mark

If statement question mark

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Apr 3, 2008 - Best Answer: The ? is for a conditional statement. It basically saying: if(condition) ? do this when true : do this when false; ===========

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It's essentially like a returning inline if statement. The first expression is the test, and if it's true it will execute the expression after the question mark, if it's false,If the condition COND is true, only the THEN expression is evaluated, and the value of Lining up the question marks and colons can make sense of even fairly So far, all of the conditional statements we've seen (if, if-else, and switch) are This is called the conditional expression or the question mark-colon operator. Apr 26, 2012 - Two questions about using a question mark "?" and colon ":" operator I've read that they are similar to an 'if' 'else' statement. int row = 10; int

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Node:The question mark operator, Next:The switch statement, Previous:Nested if statements, Up:Decisions. The ? : operator. The ? : operator is a sort of We can get to Boston quicker, can't we, if we take the interstate? His question was, can we end this statement with a question mark? She ended her remarks with After the question mark (?) you have two statements divided up by the colon (:). The first statement (before the colon) will be executed if the condition is true and

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