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Statement trivially true
Statement trivially true

Statement trivially true

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Sep 10, 2013 - Let's suppose that we need to prove a statement of the form , where is any property (for example when we need to prove that ). Is it really

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Theorem/ Proposition = a true mathematical statement (that are especially significant). (Propositions are usually more important, and harder to prove than In some texts, a trivial proof refers to a statement involving a material implication where the consequent, or Q, in P>Q, is always true. Here, the proof follows Phillips then went on to make a distinction between truisms and statements that are trivially true. '[T]he latter are, in effect, a subgroup of the former. A truism is atrue when 'A' has no cognitive value. possesses, 'A' is to be called 'trivially true' just in case it cannot have any cognitive value for anyone. An analytic statement has cognitive value for anyone who had not previously grasped that it was

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For example, the statement "all cell phones in the room are turned off" may be true simply because there are no cell phones in the room. In this case, the What the present revision means is that p>q is trivially true under the the truth value a complex statement obviously wastes time if the statement being tested An implication is trivially true when its conclusion is always true. A proof is a sequence of statements bound together by the rules of logic, definitions,. A proof is a demonstration that some statement is true. We normally Vacuously true and Trivially true A conditional is trivially true if its conclusion is true. 5. the statement "If x < -3, then x^2+1 > 0" is trivially true, because no matter the truth outcome of x<-3 (which could be true or false depending on the value of x),

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